With Santa Claus and sleigh bells, Christmas music and mistletoe, presents and poinsettias, December is one of the most festive times of year. But the weeks leading up to the holidays can also be extremely busy, exhausting and stressful. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the “December rush” begins as we try to juggle year-end responsibilities with a sprawling list of holiday related tasks.


At Custom Care Concierge we believe the greatest resource you have is TIME to live a life you love. By offering best-in-class, personalized lifestyle services, we empower our clients to spend more time on what matters most. During the holiday season, we’re busy doing what we love – making plans and tackling tasks so you can enjoy the most precious holiday gifts: peace of mind and time with loved ones.


Here are just a few of the many ways a personal concierge can help you survive holiday prep and enjoy the year:


Festive holiday gatherings.


The holidays pull at our heartstrings because of the memories they evoke. All families and circles of friends have their own unique holiday traditions. Some have grand, luxurious holiday parties at exclusive venues while others enjoy intimate family gatherings at home. If you’re hosting this year, then you know the vast amount of time and effort that goes in to ensuring the holiday festivities are a success.


Your personal concierge is there to simplify the hosting process, ensuring your event is executed to the highest standard down to the finest detail. We can arrange festive holiday décor, gourmet catering, a private chef, professional wait staff, additional housekeeping, bar staff, carolers, entertainment and anything else you desire to make your holidays memorable for you and your loved ones.


Luxury holiday gifting.


One of the most time-consuming holiday tasks is shopping for the perfect holiday gifts. Big crowds, overcrowded parking lots and long line ups during the holiday rush make the prospect of searching for the perfect gifts overwhelming, even for seasoned shoppers.


Custom Care Concierge takes the stress out of holiday gifting, suggesting memorable luxury gift ideas, shopping for you, and arranging for professional giftwrapping and expedited delivery. Your personal concierge will find meaningful, desirable gifts for all your friends and family – even those that are historically difficult to shop for. We can also assist with personalized holiday greeting cards, complete with a professional holiday-themed photo of your family.


Office responsibilities.


The holiday season is an important time of year to pause and express gratitude to colleagues and team members in your office for their efforts and dedication. Unfortunately, finding time to do so in a meaningful way can be tricky amidst end-of-year work deadlines and personal responsibilities.
In addition to finding appropriate gifts for colleagues, clients and employees that ensure everyone feels recognized and appreciated, Custom Care Concierge can arrange for elegant holiday décor to boost morale at a busy, sometimes stressful time of year. Our luxury event planners can also take charge of all aspects of your office Christmas party, from catering to entertainment, so you can focus on the other end-of-year responsibilities.
Luxury Holiday Getaways.


Many people can’t imagine spending the holidays anywhere but home. But for others, the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to get away and recharge. The difficulty is that planning a luxury vacation can be time-consuming and energy-draining between conducting research, devising an itinerary, shopping, packing and arranging for flights and accommodations.


Whether you want to spend the holidays soaking up the sun at a 5-star resort, skiing in the Swiss Alps or on safari in Africa, your luxury travel concierge can design a custom travel experience perfectly tailored for you and your loved ones. Knowing that someone is arranging every aspect of your trip, from first-class or private flights to festive holiday meals and private excursions will give you the peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy your vacation before its even begun.


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