Soon, you’ll be counting down, toasting over a glass of Dom, and celebrating the arrival of a New Year. But in the weeks before New Year’s Eve, as 2018 draws to a close, we reflect and ask ourselves: Did I accomplish this year? Did my relationships improve? Did I reach the goals I set for myself?


More importantly, we quietly question: Am I fulfilled? Am I happy?


Through this reflection process, many of us come to realize that we want MORE out of life. Sure, we want to accomplish more and reach greater heights. But it’s deeper than that.


What we truly want is more independence, more freedom, and more TIME to live lifeby our own design.


Many people call us at Custom Care Concierge because they’re tired of feeling worn out by all the responsibilities on their plate. Every year, they resolve to live differently, but find themselves falling into the same exhausting patterns.


There 24/7, our team supports clients by managing their individual lifestyle needs and taking care of daily tasks so they have time to create a life they love.


Here are 3 ways Custom Care Concierge can help you live a life you love in 2019:


More “Me Time”


Survey a group of successful people, and you’ll find that the happiest amongst them have managed to maintain work-life balance. They make it a priority to carve out “me time” – time to do the things they love and work toward achieving goals outside of work.


Some are driven to run marathons, while others simply want to feel good about themselves by getting more active and shedding some extra weight. Some are energized by pursuing a new interest, like to learning to cook or speak a new language, while others enjoy simple, familiar comforts like a weekly manicure or sleeping in Sunday morning and reading the paper with a cappuccino in hand.


Custom Care Concierge takes care of your lifestyle needs and daily tasks so you can spend time on yourself without worrying that your responsibilities aren’t being skillfully met.


More Family Time


The saying, “Don’t live to work; work to live!” highlights a powerful lesson. We all have the best intentions, but the stresses and demands of work tend to pull us away from what really matters in life: our loved ones. Relationships aren’t self-sustaining; they don’t thrive unless you nurture them. If you’re not investing time into your relationships on a weekly if not daily basis, they will suffer rather than grow stronger.


Custom Care Concierge is dedicated to empowering clients to enjoy more time with loved ones. We step up to the plate, taking care of everything from scheduling all your appointments to taking care of your pet care, housekeeping and snow removal needs. That way, you can take your parents for brunch, enjoy weekly date nights or spend more time connecting with your kids without worrying about your “To Do” list.


More Travel Time


Whether you’re craving adventure or simply need a little R&R, you deserve to get away. Unfortunately, planning a luxury getaway can be incredibly time-consuming. With limitless options and confusing online reviews, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you or your family have very specific needs and preferences.


Your personal travel concierge is dedicated to making the travel process seamless so you can enjoy your journey long before you board your flight or cruise. We take care of everything from first-class and private flights to 5-star accommodations, yacht charters to private excursions and entertainment.


Knowing that every detail has been taken care of will give you the peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy your hard-earned time away. Whether you want to travel to an exotic new destination, visit your favorite resort or spa, or get away for a long weekend, your travel concierge is here to design an unforgettable travel experience custom-tailored to meet your needs.


New Year, New Beginnings


This year, turn your New Year’s Resolutions into goals you can actually realize. Custom Care Concierge will be there to help every step of the way.


Contact us today.