Do you feel summer slipping away? With just a few weeks until Fall, many people are already feeling the mounting pressure of back to school and back to work responsibilities. With a sprawling time-sensitive “To Do” list on your mind, relaxing and enjoying the last weeks of summer can be challenging.


Here’s the good news: Custom Care Concierge is dedicated to helping alleviate that burden so families can truly live in the moment and enjoy all that summer has to offer. Year-round, we offer 24/7 best-in-class personalized lifestyle services so our clients can focus on living a life they love.


Here are some of the many ways our personal concierge team can help make your transition to Fall seamless and ensure you’re able to enjoy the last weeks of summer:


Back to School.


Back to school prep can be dizzying, adding unwelcome stress to the end of summer. Custom Care Concierge make sure families are prepared with everything they need to begin the school year, from ordering school supplies and textbooks to scheduling haircuts and doctor appointments.


Whatever you need – from reliable private transportation for your child to and from school or after-school activities to experienced math or English tutors – your personal concierge will take care of everything. Let your personal concierge find a warm, responsible and trustworthy nanny or au pair to assist you throughout the year. We can even arrange for a personal chef so you don’t have to worry about making lunches or last-minute dinners, or connect you with a stylist to fill your child’s Fall wardrobe!


Back to the City.


If you spent your summer vacationing in the Berkshires, Hamptons, Catskills, Poconos or abroad, then returning home comes with its own sprawling list of things to do. If you were away for the summer, your fridge and pantry likely need to be restocked, your plants and garden need care, and home repairs need to be attended to.


The good news is that you can relax knowing that Custom Care Concierge is here to take care of all your daily and lifestyle needs. Your personal concierge can arrange for your summer home and pool to be cleaned and closed up for the season as well as find you excellent, reliable domestic help for the new year. If you want to complete major renovations before winter or update your décor for Fall, your personal concierge will introduce you to our interior design specialists so you can relax and enjoy the rest of your summer.


Back to Work.


Whether or not you had the summer off completely or had a lighter workload, returning back to work in the Fall involves prep work and a shift in focus. If you don’t want to spend hours of your commute stuck behind the wheel in traffic, Custom Care Concierge can arrange for a private driver so you can work or relax on route to and from work.


Your personal concierge can connect you with a personal stylist to update your wardrobe with the latest Fall fashions, make all your VIP lunch reservations with clients or colleagues, and set up personal training sessions or massages at home after work. Whatever you need to get back into the zone and maximize productivity while minimizing stress, your personal concierge is there to help.


Back to YOU.


Summer is beloved because it’s a season dedicated to R&R, from vacations to backyard barbeques, lounging at the beach to enjoying cocktails with friends by the pool. With Custom Care Concierge, you can regain your most priceless resource: time to enjoy a life you love and soak up all that summer has to offer.


Contact Custom Care Concierge today and have a safe, relaxing summer!