The Baby Boomer generation is unique in the responsibilities they juggle. Classified as those born between 1946 and 1964, as many as 75% of Baby Boomers are planning their own retirement while juggling family responsibilities.


According to the Pew Research Center, as many as 71% of Baby Boomers have a living parent. This means that more and more Baby Boomers are finding themselves tasked with the responsibilities of caring for aging parents, supporting their children, and assisting with the care of grandchildren, all while navigating their own professional responsibilities and preparing for retirement. Understandably, these demands have caused many Boomers to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out.


Can you relate?


The Difference a Concierge Can Make
At Custom Care Concierge, we offer best-in-class personalized lifestyle services to many clients who fall into the Baby Boomer bracket. We understand the many complex demands they face and have become adept at meeting their needs so they can be there for their families without burning out or losing their sense of self. We’re passionate about helping in any way we can so they can fulfill all their responsibilities and still live a life they love.


Are you a Baby Boomer feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities on your plate? Here are just a few ways Custom Care Concierge can support you in 2019:


*Caring for Parents


Having living parents to care for is a great privilege, but it can also be an extremely time-consuming as well as emotionally and physically demanding. Aging parents often have complex health issues and need assistance in managing their care. If they aren’t living in a full-time senior facility, they likely need help managing their daily lifestyle as well.


Whatever your personal situation, Custom Care Concierge can help ease the burden of responsibility of caring for elderly parents. Your personal concierge can manage your parent’s various medical appointments and arrange for comfortable private transportation when you are not available. If your parent lives at home, we can arrange for home renovations and order specialized furniture and equipment that will allow your parent to maintain their independence in a safe, comfortable environment.


Your personal concierge can coordinate caregiving tasks with other family members, assist with hiring a professional caregiver to assist when needed, or help find day programs or long-term care facility placements if necessary. We can also assist with basic daily tasks such as grocery shopping, food prep, banking, pharmacy pick-up and drop off, bill paying and housekeeping. Of course, we can also assist with elegant party planning to celebrate milestone birthdays and anniversaries, and help arrange luxury travel plans that accommodate your parents’ needs. With Custom Care Concierge taking care of these responsibilities, you’ll be able to avoid caregiver burnout and actually spend more quality time with your parent.


*Caring for Children and Grandchildren.


In addition to caring for elderly parents, many Baby Boomers take on the responsibility of assisting adult children with their needs. These needs can be diverse, but often include playing an active role in helping out with the care of grandchildren! While spending time with grandchildren is a pleasure, meeting the needs of your children can be difficult at times, especially when you have other professional and familial responsibilities. Your children may require extensive childcare support and assistance with transporting your grandchildren to and from school and other extracurricular activities.


Fortunately, your personal concierge can assist in arranging for private transportation to transport your grandchildren when you are unable to drive them yourself. We also specialize in finding exceptional au pairs and warm, reliable nannies who can support your children with their childcare needs. Custom Care Concierge can arrange for enjoyable outings and exotic family trips you can enjoy with your children and grandchildren. We can also take care of all your hosting and holiday needs, as well as make celebrating milestone birthdays, graduations, engagements and anniversaries effortless.


*Caring for YOU!


One of the greatest challenges Baby Boomers face is that between caring for elderly parents and grandchildren and managing day-to-day responsibilities, there is often little time left to pursue their own passions and interests. Sometimes, their health even suffers as a result. At Custom Care Concierge, we’re dedicated to helping you meet your responsibilities while still finding time to live a life you love.


Your personal concierge can help you develop a manageable daily schedule. We can arrange for a personal trainer and personal chef to help you stay healthy and fit on your schedule and from the convenience of your home. Custom Care Concierge can arrange for a massage therapist to visit you in your home or office to help alleviate your tension. We can also manage all your lifestyle needs and day-to-day responsibilities so you have time to engage in relaxing activities on a daily basis. Finally, your personal concierge can take care of all your luxury travel needs when you need to get away to recharge.


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